It’s Friday!

Yeah I made it to the end of the week alive, although only just I do feel positively crap to put none to fine a point on it, The boss is to blame as he gave this freaking wonderful stinking head / chest / any space inbetween type cold I have. My head only pounds now and then it’s my sinuses are all stuffed up and no matter what I do I cant unstuff ’em I mean I can breathe clearly through nose just still feel it right between the eyes. I’m drinking fluids galore to try and keep throat moist and I’m eating strepsils to keep it numb enough. It’s weird thought my head only really annoys me 1st thing in the morning when I hit work, could be the atmosphere in there, someone seems to like it WARM, turns up the heating, this is dispite the fact the room has enough monitors in it to keep it warm!
Oh and the bosses little chat never happened he couldn’t remember what he wanted to talk to me about so it can’t have been that important :D. Now to the weekend and the cooking, shopping and freaking Ironing to do, certain things I HATE ironing and I’ve got a few of them to do, i.e anything bigger than a large towel and I hate it basically so bedding is out too hard to try and keep flat! Right off to try and get something to burn to DVD and then maybe a destressing watching of said item.

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