Kraznox, yeah I know it’s not a real word, just some made up word from Ant Bully but it pretty much sums up how I feel. I have a cold, a nasty one that’s got me from head to chest and all areas in between. I’ve tried lemsip, it helps a little but does NOTHING for me. So I’m on the neurofen and strepsils and LOADS of tissues for my nose.. I mean it so bad I can’t even be bothered to play World of Warcraft, just sit and watch a DVD with some popcorn – reminds me must test out pop corn I got ;). I managed today to screw the other works van well not really just that the link between gear stick and gearbox came loose thankfully wasn’t doing any speed just turning van, oh that and a Woman today pulled out basically in front of me in her car didn’t look was like “NO!!!”
Boss was to discuss a few things tomorrow not sure what and I get a feeling I may not like it, More later.
Right now to just pick a DVD and put that popcorn on.

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