Devil – Deep Blue

Hmm feel like I fucking stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea here aka the rock and a hard place.
Just as I was about to leave on Friday, boss asked to have a word..
He ripped into me saying I didn’t look “interested” the day before when I was out working, in a bar pulling cable and it was fucking cold and I wasn’t feeling 100% but of course that would have been seen as a “lame” excuse so I didn’t even bother..
Basically told that another note would go in my file, that we both knew this, that he wouldn’t put a written in although he could have. Apprently my colleague aka his son, sounded pissed off when he called to see how things were and all he saw was me cold, jacket wrapped around me looking miserable (aka not interested) and then I ask a question is “there anything else needs done?” a genuine question, I can’t fucking read minds!
Today, I found out I was going to be working late, thought I have the job done by 4 but alas not so phoned, got sister, said I’d be able half an hour maybe, was 1 1/2 hrs…
I got the impression from the phone call I got back from her that I maybe should just give up the job since my hours “weren’t suiting her” aka I was late, I don’t work fixed fucking hours and she knows that already, of course if this happens again or I think i’ll be running late I’ll have that worry on my mind, not concentrate fully on job in hand and get fired for it or asked to leave etc…
So Do I 1) Resign with good reason 2) Stick it out even if I have no sanity left..

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One Response to Devil – Deep Blue

  1. Junebugg says:

    As long as your work is OK what the hell does it matter how you “look”? It’s not like you’re a hooker or something.

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