Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope 2008 is good to you all.
I know a few things will happen this year that can’t be prevented and I’m prepared for them I think.
I am the rock, I am the strength – must learn to ignore sisters being bitchy to me!
Yeah that’s right I apperently can’t do **** all without some form of instruction!
Seriously I’m 33 and I can cook ya know, let me see item A takes 45 minutes at this tempreture, and this take so long on the top of the stove :D…. I can cook, just never had to for a while.
I am “mother” right now, I have to cook, do the washing and stuff like that till mother is more able to do some of it again since she’s not quite right yet.
Dad on the other hand ain’t so hot, but were taking each day at a time, just hope he gets time to sample that fine single malt I got him for Christmas.
Peace, Joy and love to all my friends new and old, I wish you happiness, prosperity and love in 2008.

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