Post Christmas Post

Sorry couldn’t resist the title, well another week over and done with I suppose.
So what did I get given to me:
Another bleeding winter car care kit – like I need one of those, still got the last one :P, 2 bottle of Morgan’s Spiced Rum :D, a couple of new light weight jackets, a new watch that I’ll need to get adjusted for my slender wrist :P, some clothes, a little bit of chocolate, a miniature of bailey’s n a glass and a few other bits n pieces.
I gave good presents I hope :P.
Now as to how the rest of the crew here, mum is a little better but not much she’s now taking antibiotics as it appears the wound on her head is a little infected :|, Dad isn’t so hot either, having trouble breathing – thinks it the same thing as he’s had fluid on the lung, he’s had his meds changed and he’s now got a nice recliner chair – I wannna know where’s mine!
Oh well I’ll get there once I’ve done the cooking, cleaning, washing n ironing – basically I’m “Mother” now to the 2 kids that my parents are becoming, I swear my sisters are like that > “||” close to snapping and telling them where to go that’s how annoying they are with them, me I don’t see that as I when I’m in they are either just getting up or they’ve been up all day and are thus tired.
I’m having to hit the ground running as well I do know how to do this stuff just not needed to until now, I do cook but I guess I’ll be doing that and a lot more.
So if someone wants to pass the prozac now I’ll get going 😀

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