An a week on…..

Well a week on and it’s all change.
Mum got home on Monday much to me and my sister’s surprise, she’s still not 100% and is getting frustrated because she can’t get out the word she really wants to say. Social Work has been involved they were here on Wednesday and again yesterday “assessing” what is needed – I feel this should have been done BEFORE mum got out but there you go that’s how it works these days :|, None of us here are sure what’s going on really so it’s a fucking pain in the ass I’ve no doubt it will take a week or so to settle down I guess doesn’t freaking help I have to be at work all day. My aunt went back home on Wednesday morning as I wouldn’t let her miss her grandson’s first Christmas and she wasn’t going to either :), which brings me to another thing I tried to order her a nice bottle of 12 yr old Antiquary for a shop I know the specialises in whisky in Edinburgh but alas I mistyped my googlemail address – gogglemail ftw 😐 and thus it wasn’t till I used another e-mail address that I found out the freaking bank had apprently declined my card – I called the bank they couldn’t see WHY it would have happened as I have plenty funds in my account etc.. So I’ll just have wait and see if I get the bottle at all. Works been a no-fun week as well which hasn’t helped any. I’m looking forward to a oh so fun filled weekend (not!) as it looks like number 1 mug here will have to do all the shit mum usually did so no relaxation for me :|. Oh well at least I have Christmas day off work!
Goes to find a glass n some ice – I need something cold!

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