Time for an update

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Yeah I think I lost a day somewhere not sure actually it this could be any day this week they are all kinda blending into one at the moment and that’s without the aid of alcohol thank you very much!
Okay last post so to speak mother was waiting to have a head scan, that got done pronto somehow as I went shopping thinking yeah I can finally get it all done maybe – silly me, I get a call to go to the hospital they want to see us, this came from oldest sister, yeah I got 2 so trouble in stereo! Anyway they said they had done the scan and were transferring her to a bigger hospital to have an operation done to drain the bruise that was causing all the problem, now the hospital where she was at was easy to get to, the bigger one is a pain in the ass as it was in Edinburgh which is further away and a nightmare to drive to/from. Operation was done sunday night both sisters went over and keep us updated as to what was happening.
I took Monday off so a few things could get done and I could take dad an my aunt over to see mum who was awake & flat on her back as she had to be – I just want to know what was in the oxygen … 😀
Back to work on Tuesday as there wasn’t any point in taking more time off work.
She was transfered back on Wednesday I was in the middle of nowhere with work and I didn’t get back till late so didn’t see her then. I saw her yesterday evening and unless you’ve had a friend or relative who has had this kind of operation or suffers from it’s not Alzheimer’s but it’s along that sort of line, we get half sentences then she struggles with a word she’s trying to say and the hands are going as normal and it’s oh it’s what-a-call-it,etc but the frustration is there you could see it and I was getting tense as well as there wasn’t anything I could do other then tell her to calm down, slow down and try again as gently as possible. It was good to see her and we got all the gossip that was going on in the ward of course, typical mother really well almost sometimes she wasn’t quite there but it was good to see her.
Now to just get Social Services involved as there is no way on earth they can cope without help of some sort from them. Dad is doing good as he was worried but every visit perked him up a little 🙂
Might be out for Christmas might not be that’s the thing…

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