Here, There and somewhere else

Okay a recap of the last fortnight with me and what freaking fortnight it’s been, that’s 2 weeks for those that don’t understand :P.
Well since mom’s little slip she was fine the first week, work was okay as well getting stuff sorted out, work cleared done so it’s clear over the Christmas break, it was working out just about….
Colleague handed in his notice, hmm if I was 1 he was a 1/2, a total freaking TOOL, never seemed with it at all really, he’s gone to upstate NY to follow his “johnston” that’s the most polite way I can put it.. Now last friday,the 30th,in the afternoon we all sat down and planned out what was jobs needed to be done for the next week, he was there and we said you’ll have a few alarm services on various days and was needed here and there for stuff to which he agreed – week planned out, job done…… NO! I come in Monday morning, do what I normally do 9am comes and no colleague although his Time keeping was never good, boss gets a call and in a voice that sounded “typewriter” like he was told that basically something had come up and he wouldn’t be back! The thing is he had his own tools in the back of one of the company vans and they were gone, they had to have gone on the Friday, so we then sat and replanned the week, I went with the boss to sort some of our kit for a customer and well let’s just say the air in the van on the way was “Blue”, So we struggled all week but got through it – would have gotten more done IF something I had asked to be changed had arrived when it was supposed to not 4 days and god knows how many calls later, we do that on tuesday. So nice stressful week at work.
Now scroll back to the friday, I comes in at my usual time, mum’s okay asks me to go get something from the shop while she makes my fish n chips, never noticed anything, but I knew my aunt was coming up a day early to surprise her. You know what they say about the best laid plans… This one went tits up really badly..
My aunt has 3 daughters, middle daughter and her hubby were bring her up in the car, they didn’t bother the tell eldest daughter what was going on and of course on the friday she went to visit her mum did she not, no mother so she phones the “world” instead of her sisters mobile, got mother slightly worried I tried to reassure her and keep the plan under raps but she couldn’t get her nor my cousin who was coming up so she smelt a rat and was panic’d a little and got to know what was happenning.
I of course had to let everyone know she knew without letting her know.
Come 9pm when they were due mother wasn’t feeling right and had slurred speech, so called a neighbour who’s a nurse, she called the “nhs 24” helpline – they got an ambulance sent out and they let her out at around 1:30am after giving her the all clear – nothing was said about the bump on the head, she did look better, they reckon it was a mini-stroke, they gave it a fancy name but I can’t rememeber it.
Now of course over the past week I’ve at work and not really been away of what’s been going on I just thought she’d was tired due to the day she’d had but it turns out she’s been tired all week 😐 and was feeling sick and generally not herself. So called the nhs24 line 3 times, 1st time no doctor was sent out, recalled it got a doctor out who gave her something for the nausea, the last time another doctor came out and looked at her said didn’t think she needed to go in to hospital to let the tablets take effect and he’d try and get something arranged for today as it was an effort for her to go from her bed to the bathroom. He came back out this morning and looked at her again got her admitted to hospital where she’s being looked at right now they’re gonna do a scan sometime today or tomorrow morning at the latest.
How am I holding up, I’m doing okay – I know I have friends all over the place that are keeping me in their thoughts and prayers.

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