It’s Sunday so that must mean it’s time for the "Not on a Sunday Topic"

Okay as usual I’m taking a break from anything I’d remotely normally post about as it’s a sunday to bring you this weeks topic

What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done in grade school?
Thanks to Shane over at Reflekshins for this weeks topicano – I know it’s not a word it just looks cool, wander over and say hi to shane..
This is kinda like ye olde blog fodder remember that…

Well I can answer this one quite simply I was the good guy at school, I did my work when asked, didn’t talk back to the teacher and was rarely in trouble as school, I can probably count on 1 hand the number of times I was in trouble.
Being the little guy helped, meant I kept head down and just got on with it..
The only time I can really remember is one time at primary school I must have done something in the playground, can’t remember what but I was sent to the “wall” which was basically the section of wall in front of where we all lined up to go back into class after the breaks, it was scary kinda seeing all your classmates staring at you, that and one of old teachers saying there must be some mistake what are you doing here kinda of thing, never did it again either. There was one time I was sent to see the headmistress at primary and this was back in the days when the “belt” was still a usable tool, one crack off the desk was enough – straight n narrow…

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