Yesterday, the day before and today.

Well what can I say.
Thursday – I left the house at 6am and didn’t return until 10pm after a successful day at the office so to speak, gosh I really love been driven 200miles to a place, working all day and then having to drive the 200 miles back in leaving in the rush hour.
I got home totally wiped out, now I knew my dad had been in to see the specialist and I also knew the news wasn’t good, thank you sis for forewarning me of what I had suspected anyway. I was busy eating and mother being mother didn’t wanna tell me, didn’t want to disturb me really I just told her get it over with I needed to know.
Well my dad has cancer as we kinda suspected anyway, where it is and it’s size and other factors mean it’s inoperable. Me I’m holding up mother was in pieces and she didn’t know what she was going to do… sometimes I wonder if these 2 are my parents sometimes as they can be SO trying. Okay you can call me a cynic if you like but I’m sorry anything that happens in this family or to mother’s friends affects mother dearest in the strangest way it’s like it’s all “ME” if you see what I’m getting at..
I’ll leave that there as I’ll just go off on one..
Friday I go into work and I’m still wiped from the Thursday but it was all done so easy day, as my colleague was pretty wiped as well – both looked like a pair of half shut knives all day, a couple of things had come in and I decided to go help my colleague out, that and get out the office as some things were being painted as they don’t come in the colour we needed so they needed to be painted, now don’t get me wrong by my other colleague can be a little slow on the uptake I sometimes wonder if he’s all “there”.
Now what do you do if you using a paint spray can indoors? Open the door, open a window and get some air flow yes…? No I had to say open the door I’ve opened the window over there, that and he’d never painted before – He’d been doing some of it Thursday so GOD knows what it was like then! I got home, looked up what films were on and I had kinda decided to treat nephew to a night at the cinema anyway but Ratatouille was on so took him to see that – don’t ask how much it cost, in the good seats again.
Today i’ve been coasting along on auto pilot – between this nasty cold I have and the last 2 days I was feeling wiped out.
We’ll just have to see what’s going to happen in the future won’t we..

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