WoW – Class: Rogue

Now what could be said about rogues, well for a start they can’t use plate or mail armour, it’s kinda hard to sneak around wearing plate it was a real drag, so you can wear cloth or leather armour only, leather being prefered as it will absorb a bit more damage from things hitting you.
You are therefore a lightly armoured close range attacker, capable of dealing mass damage to your enemies in a flurry of attacks. You are the master of stealth and assassination, passing by your enemies unseen and then striking them from the shadows, then if required escaping from combat in the blink of an eye. Your a crafter of various poisons to slow, deal damage too and generally reduce the effectiveness of your enemies in battle. Some quests require a group of 2 to 5 players and normally you’ll come in real handy in those groups. Other skills you can get are lockpicking, allowing you to open locked doors, chests and boxes you find along the way, although you do require a certain skill level to be able to open some doors, you can also disarm hidden traps as well.
Talking of skills for every level you gain you also get to increase the skill level you can have with various weapons and your lock picking by 5 so by level 60 your maximum skill with say lockpicking would be 300.
Now to weapons, what weapons can you use as a rouge, you can be default if you like use daggers and thrown weapons such as throwing knives, throwing axes. You can also train to aquire the skill to use the following weapons from the weapons trainer who are located in the major cities around the map, these are swords, bows, crossbows, maces, guns and fist weapons – think knuckle dusters if you like, when you learn how to wield that weapons you skill level for that weapon automatically starts at 1 so if you plan on use it, go find a few creatures you should be able to easily kill and practice on them with that new found skill, bows, crossbows & guns require ammo to be carried as well as the weapon so you lose some bag space when carrying it, you could get an ammo pouch for your bullets or a quiver for you arrows but you lose 1 bag slot for this and you can only carry 5 bags at a time, each bag can hold up to 20 spaces or slot but the bags above 14 slots tend to be more expensive to buy / aquire as they require more expensive materials to make them.

Now your a rogue so you don’t need to drink any water to regain any mana you have a fixed pool of energy (100) which does regenerate fast but sometimes not fast enough.
Some of the skills you will use at some point are now going to be outlined.
Eviscerate – deals a good amount of damage over and above your weapons own damage, adds 1 combo point – more on combo points later, uses some of your energy up.
Backstab – Deals a considerable amount of damage from your weapon, it does require a dagger to be in your main hand to use also requires as you’d expect for you to be behind the enemy, a good start move from stealth before you get some other skills, again adds 1 combo point.
Gouge – Kinda the opposite of backstab – it stuns your enemy for a time, doing only a small damage this time, adds 1 combo point, this doesn’t work it the enemey is taking any damage from magic spells or posions, uses a small amount of your energy.
Sinister Strike – One of the first finishing moves you get, does more damage the more combo points you have (up to 5 on your current target) and on what rank of skill you have, uses a smallish amount of your energy
Sap – A vital talent to master – sap can only be used from stealth and comes in handy when you need to kill several creatures at once but don’t think you can handle them all at once, it stuns the target for 25 seconds and if done right means you can fight another target and kill them within that time and go back into stealth and walk away without them even knowing what happened, uses a small amount of energy.
Cheap Shot – Awards 2 combo points, can only be done from stealth – this one stuns the target for 4 seconds regardless of how much damage is being done to them, if your in a party with another rogue it is possible to chain cheap shot so to speak so the target is stunned for 8 seconds, uses a considerable amount of your energy to use though.
Ambush is another from stealth attack – this adds 1 combo point and like backstab you need to behind the target to use it, deals more damage than backstab but not as much as could be carried out with cheapshot.
Blind – A skill you aquire later on once you have reached a certain level, allows with the use of blinding power to blind the enemy for 10 seconds – handy when your low on health and they have no damage effects on them, allowing you to bandage up or drink a health potion.
Sprint – Increases your speed by 40% for 15 seconds allowing you to run away from the fight – sometimes very handy, cooldown on this talent is 5 minutes, although this can be altered through your talent tree.
Vanish – A skill that allows you to literally vanish, this skill requires you carry flash power about, it has a cooldown of 5 minutes but can be reset if you get the correct talent in the talent tree as there is one that allows you to instantly reuse this talent as well as sprint and others.
I was going to talk about the talent trees but having properly looked at them it would be a very long and boring post 😛

Your class has the following strengths:
Your stealth abilities allow you to reach places more easily than most classes,
You can create and use poisons to damage or slow enemies,
You can deal a very high amount of melee damage potentially,
You can pick locks,
You have effective means of escaping battle with sprint, vanish, and blind.
Your weaknesses are:
You cannot give yourself or your party anything that will increase the parties overall health, mana pool, resistance to various spells and so forth like many other classes can.
You cannot heal yourself other than by using healing potions or learning first aid which I will talk about later on, and healing yourself with a bandage.
You are restricted as I’ve said before to wearing either cloth or leather.
Now the following would have no effect on your class if given, the mage intellect buff or any item which has + intellect on it, no use you don’t use mana.
You really want items with +strength, +stamina and/or +agility – as these are the 3 that control overall the amount of damage you can do, how much health you have and how likely you are to dodge, parry or otherwise avoid an attack.
It’s one of those things you need to really see to understand it’s actually quite hard to explain things that come to me as automatic in the game as I do have a rouge in the game itself.
Tomorrow – Blog Fodder :p

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