Ratatouille – Finally Saw it

I finally managed to get to see Ratatouille at the weekend. I came out on October 12th over here but I took me to last Saturday to actually get time to see it. I was meant to be going to see that and Stardust with my friend but she couldn’t make it saying can’t afford it got the road tax to buy and my car is due a service and I don’t know how much that will cost….
So I went got one of the good seats again, sat down with my sweet popcorn n soda and watched it.
It was really good. I loved the old woman at the start of the film she was funny…
Remy, he maybe a rat but at least you can say he had impeccable manners and real good taste.
I loved the little head chef with the big maniacal egotistical chip on his shoulder the size of mount St. Helens.
I mean using your departed dead bosses image to sell all sorts of crap is going to come back and bite you in the ass.
It is a funny movie throughout.
If you’ve not seen it go see it just to see what happens to said little chef and the health inspector who calls at the wrong moment, as well as the food critic who doesn’t really like anyone very much..

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