What a week / Raid on Karazhan

I get back to work on Monday all is good and well I think…
We are losing more than half the space we have due to our customer and landlord (glorious!) needs to rent the space out to make money – surprise and instead of having loads of space we have 3 rooms and they ain’t that big basically 1 quarter of the space we had so I’ve been getting bitched at by the bitch I mean the bosses wife 😐 to get shit done you know the kinda thing 6 things at once, and well need to smart up – well if some people had led by example many moons ago we wouldn’t need this crap! To say I had a SHIT f*cking week would be an understatement, I am serious considering another job I’ve been there 5 yrs and my sanity is going totally and utterly.

Now on to the other part of the title – My guild in World of Warcraft on the Europeon Realm “Boulderfist” finally got around to doing one of the fairly new instances “Karazhan” as a guild rather than as some had before either joined another guild totally or went along with another guild in order to do the damage..
Okay the armor I have on isn’t the total best i.e it’s not all “Purple” otherwise known as “epic” armor it’s mainly “blue” which is pretty good / rare armor. I did all the pre-quests you need to do in order to get the key that actually lets you in the place , yeah that’s right you can’t just walk in the place you need a key well I suppose you wouldn’t want just any stupid idiot walking in :P..
Got in killed all the mobs around the entrance, after that we went on to kill 2 of the main dungeon or instance bosses – Attumen the Huntsman, we did this with 9 people I was running on mana fumes for most of it – I drank to mana potions to recharge my mana these have a 1-2 minute period of time between them as it triggers a cooldown of that length of time and you can’t drink it again within the period, I also needed one of the druids we had to throw me an “innovate” to regenerate my mana as fast as possible, by the end of it I even threw my “pet” – a shadowfiend who gives me mana back for every damage attack he manages to do on the selected target – no-one died which was good.
We then thought okay we killed him easy, lets go do another boss, we realised we needed a different set up for this so a few changes of character were made and in we went cleared the room before him of the required number of mobs, then cleared the room he was in. At this point we all stopped, sat down and drank / ate to get mana / health back up and maybe get any specials ready.. We then went on to tackle Moroes, I had a mob to keep at bay as I have 1 unique talent as a priest if it’s classed as “undead” i get to “shackle” it this is required as these guys tend to hurt a little bit, it kept breaking and trying to heal and keep shackling drains mana bad, hmm let me see the shackle broke, one of the guys doing mass damage got killed and erm well it all went “pete tong” after that…. not once but erm twice or was it 3-4 times can’t remember all I remember is that my repair bill for my armor is around 10g which is thankful not a problem. We did eventually kill him at this point we stopped and called it a night as it’s a really hard instance to do we are allowed to “save” our position thankfully!
1st time in the place, 10gold repairs, no loot for me as the rogue got the dagger he was after from moroes:), one of the paladins got the boots from moroes, 1 of the hunters got the crossbow from the huntsman as the hunter had the way better bow from a previous run with another guild..
Me I got nothing – well maybe next time, oh and not bad for my first true “raid” as there was 10 people in the party not the normal 5..
Time to go lie down and go ouch at the repair bill once more…

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