A Day at Deep Sea World……

Dear Stanley,
I know I’ve not really written for a while but well someone’s been busy you know. Anyway we went to “Deep Sea World” and saw loads of different fish, they even had sharks (they looked scary), it’s one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world, it’s was like a huge doughnut ring as it went around in a circle, it was really cool though. I mean there wasn’t just the tunnel which was in what was basically a someone’s fish tank there was other more normal sized tanks which had fish from all over the world, I saw piranha’s from the Amazon, Clown fish from the coral reefs, Yellow Tang and other fish from the deathly depth of Krakatoa , various cichlids from Lake Malawi, I even managed to get up close with starfish not really a fish at all,the dogfish – it’s actually related to the shark, crabs and the other creatures around the local shores it was really cool. I managed to miss them feeding the sharks though, so many wanted to see it we didn’t get close enough to get any decent photos. Speaking of photos we took loads of them and I don’t think we got everything, I did ask if there was any shark teeth as they drop out the sharks every so often but there wasn’t any as I thought that would have been pretty cool to send you back.


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