Blog Fodder – "What was the catalyst for the time when you REALLY went over the edge temper-wise?"

Okay Moogie I’ll bite so to speak. Last weeks topic was interesting but hmm I just couldn’t write about it, darn mental block someplace.
Now on to the topic this week brought to us by margalitc, owner of What was I Thinking?….

What was the catalyst for the time when you REALLY went over the edge temper-wise?

Now this is a rather interesting one as well let’s just say you used to be able to have me got 0 to real nasty in the time it took to say “0 to real nasty” this was all because I was always being picked on at primary school for being smart at maths.
17×14 I can still do in my head it’s 238 if your interested and no I didn’t use windows calculator to do it or even check, that and I was small. Stood up for myself – no-one else would didn’t get me into that much trouble. I grew out of it thankfully. Calmed down a lot, there isn’t really a specific catalyst that sets me off so I can say what it was when I did go Over the edge temper-wise, just that I’m now a lot nicer but can still let rip when needed, generally I give fair warning that I’m going to go “BOOM!” enough that any sensible person should either a) clear out or b) stick around for the fireworks.. normally it’s a) especially if it’s them that’s the problem. Fair warning being “I’m getting annoyed stop doing that..” etc, 3rd times the charm so to speak.
It’s best to say you can tell when I’m going Postal and that’s generally enough. Oh and you can pretty much insult me all ya like with in reason that sort of crap bounces right off but insult my friends or family (well most of the family) and you get the idea!

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