Here, There and many points inbetween

It’s been a busy week here at Chez Gopher.
Sunday – It all kicked off again with my WoW Guild – when my So CALLED friend decided to Boot n Ban me off the TeamSpeak server they used, why because he was being an ASSHAT and using a stupid voice (think those voice boxes for people that can’t speak right) it was getting annoy I did say it was getting annoying on TS and then switched channels so I can at least THINK. I say in Guild Chat that I had and next think I hear is “You have been Kicked from the Server” to which I replied in Guild chat something like fine be like that then “bye” followed by 3 things: 1 x hearthstone back to a city then /gquit followed by /quit to quit both the guild and the game, I didn’t go near the game again until Thursday.
Monday – Bank Holiday here but as normal I worked it, I do get this Monday off so it’s okay :P.
Tuesday – I finally get around to helping Stana post the pictures we took on Saturday, I know my bad. Well that and work was kinda interesting running around the place.
Wednesday – Erm Let’s not talk about then shall we, All day to replace a simple alarm panel – no comment!
Thursday – I go out to trouble shoot the system – find problem (could have solved in 5 minutes but I have someone rewire just to make sure.
Friday – hmm middle of nowhere is just about right for where I was, nice day out.
That is all.

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