Some Photos as promised

Dear Stanley,
Well as I promised some photos for you to look at while I travel to a few places, don’t know where I’ll be going yet not quite decided but there are a few places I could go all with in easy reach (so someone says). I just had to show you my arrival photo as I thought it was quite funny.
I went out at the weekend as you can see. It was a great day out although as you can see from some of the later photos it wasn’t a crystal clear day there was a little bit of mist (they call it mist don’t know why yet).
It was some climb it don’t look too bad from the bottom but the steps we went up were pretty steep. I saw some pretty flowers and had to stop for a rest, when I asked what they were I was told they are “bluebells” and they are pretty don’t you think.
Once I got to the top I was pretty tired, I needed another rest but wow the view was worth the climb 🙂 and I wasn’t even at the very top but pretty close.

I then felt I had enough energy to go up to the top even if it mean a lot more walking than at first appeared. I would have taken one from the top but it was way too windy and I was getting blown about as it was. I manage to find a spot so I could look at the other side of the “hill”..
The view to the other side is just as spectacular as you can see if you look at the pictures I’d sent you as well. I’ve been assured the the “loch”, these people have strange names for things I’m beginning to realise, it looks like a lake to me, is pretty famous as some queen or other was famously imprisoned in a castle on the island in the picture with the smaller island on it, people pay money to go over in a boat and look at what’s left of the castle. The other island has the ruins of a monastery on it, just so you know if you upset me too much I’ll try sending you to a place like this. The other picture is just a random one to show you that “mist” again.



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One Response to Some Photos as promised

  1. Moogie says:

    LOL! I love it Gordon! Meelie has all of the flat Stanley books and LOVES them. I should have thought to tell her to send him to you you for a visit!

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