I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the world when it comes to voting for people in an election but well today took the “biscuit” so to speak. Why you ask, I’ll tell you….
Now I was voting not just for my Local Councillor, but also my Local MP in Westminster and my Local MSP in Edinburgh… Confused yet…
To say we have a slightly funky way of doing things here is an understatement.
Now in Britain – we have the Houses of Parliament in Westminster that looks after the WHOLE of the UK, we have local councillor’s which look after a local view and in Scotland and Wales we have the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly that are partly devolved and are allowed to make modifications, adjust and refine the laws of Scotland and Wales respectively. Now they normally just take what the MP’s at Westminster say and pass it as law, or adjust it so it’s more locally suited.
As a result of this of course I got 3 ballot papers to fill in, well 2 as 1 was a dual paper. Now the dual paper had one side for the Scottish Parliament and one for Westminster – the Scottish one simply mentioned the Party I’d like simple enough. The other part was The MP I’d like to vote in, again simple enough, put a cross on the one I wanted to vote for. Now the LOCAL council election that was the complex part I had to vote which candidate(s) in order of Preference I’d like to represent me at a local level – writing 1,2 and so forth in the order of who I’d like voted in. Now you could put “1” in one box and be done or vote for as many as you like. They even had someone there who’s job it was to explain all this. I mean okay it’s complex but it’s not “Rocket Science” is it or is it..
Comments please and is there any where it’s more quirky or “interesting”.

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