Bloody Banks

Well today was an absolutely glorious day not too warm, blue sky, just perfect weather for sitting out catching some rays (if only!).
Me I was stuck in one of the works vans most of the day driving around Glasgow, if you don’t live there never try and navigate without the aid of a High Grade SAT NAV System, even then I think it might still be possible to miss turnings. It was fun anyway got the jobs done that needed doing..
I leave work at 4, drive to bank, hand over bank card, take out from the nice brown envelope it was in my wage cheque which is machine printed. The teller says that will be ready next Wednesday…….. Of course I meant to remember that I need to say the one small detail that it’s a Salary / Wage Cheque not just a cheque but PLEASE! how erm much clearer do they need it – it’s on a Company Cheque – PRINTED, It came out of a pretty unopened brown envelope it’s the beginning of the month and well it what always happens at the beginning of the month or the last day of the month (depending on when I get the thing / when I can get it in….) So I have hmm about £50 to keep me going till it clears… I had PLANS this weekend that are now screwed.. I AM going to see Spiderman 3 – I’ll just have to erm wing it for that one. I was going to take newphew and his dad to the local bowling alley as it’s my brother-in-law’s birthday soon so it would have been nice but now I can’t at all.
Oh well another day over, just have to get on with it..

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