Blog Fodder – "Did you have a teacher that left a deep impression on you (good or bad)?"

Thanks to Kim over at kimbofo for this weeks topic which is….

Did you have a teacher that left a deep impression on you (good or bad)?

This is a difficult one as often at the time you don’t realise the impression they are leaving it’s years later that you realise it. The ones that left a good lasting impression are for the better part dead unfortunately so I’ve never been able to go find them and say “thanks”. I was never in trouble at school well once maybe twice but that was sufficient suffice to say.
I had primary school teacher that left an impression on me that I had a brain use it but learn to write properly so everyone can read it (Side note: I can if I really want to). Few teachers at high school left an impression on me, one or two bad impressions well not so much bad as “in bad taste” – I mean was highlighting my spelling mistake in an essay from my Biology class REALLY required to be brought up in my Sixth Year Studies (SYS) Physics class, the teachers were friends and the look they got said it all.
I person at school who left what is probably the most lasting impression wasn’t even a teacher, he the school headmaster, a great guy who shared the same first name as me, he brought back the yearly prize giving ceremony which hmm I won a prize a year for a few years. He brought changed the way the school thought of itself gave it purpose we did win a few inter-school sports prizes and other things besides. He was deeply religious but didn’t try and force it on anyone something I do to this day, If you had an idea for the school, he’d listen as well, I do that. Okay I don’t have his fine baritone vocals which were just great to hear.

That is all I think.

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