Day off

Well it’s a rare day off for me, well I was MEANT to get LAST Monday off but as we are a 24/7 company and am the only day shift person on, it fell to me to cover last week but I get a day off for it to take when I like generally I’ll be taking the Monday after off makes sense after all. So let me see how I’ve spent my day off so far….
I got up, I’ve polished the car and oh yeah I’m going to be acting as “Chauffeur” to my dear father as he has a hospital appointment and MOTHER decided that since today she’d have been going shopping anyway but my sister would have gotten her and the shopping home, it’s now MY job – I don’t mind I would just like to have been ASKED first!!!

That is all.

Update: well it was a fun day oh and now it looks like WE ARE ALL STUCK with the new version of blogger if wanted it or not!
Do I need “labels” not really, and what is added to this “new” blogger – it’s attatched to a google account – sorry Im VERY suspect about all of this!

Ignore me.

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