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Reality: Found – just about
I am alive honestly and feeling 100% if you ignore the FREAKING GOD damn head cold I seem to have that likes me so much it doesn’t wanna go away, right now it feels like someone is using my head as a set of drums.
I’ll post on the Blog Fodder Topic / other crap later on maybe I don’t know, this is just a check-in.
On a Side note…
I wonder why I bother – no comments are made, need to check my stats pages to see if Im only being visited by Robots.

Ignore please *slaps self about head and then doses back up on nurofen*

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2 Responses to Reality.check

  1. Laura says:

    No pity for the ill– I will NOT be manipulated into commenting because of GUILT!!oops… guess it worked…Pardon my silence & feel better quick– I understand hot toddies do WONDERS for head colds (or at least they take your mind off of feeling like turds on toast)~

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