Friday Night and it’s Alright…

Well I took my beloved friend & work mate Susan out on Friday night, stop right there I know what some of you people are thinking :P..
It was her birthday tuesday and well we went for a chinese then went bowling me paying for both naturally..
What can I say about the chinese apart from it was great, prawn toast or as they called it sesemed prawns on toast – little bit of lemon on it, heaven :D. I followed this with Kong Po Chicken which is looked nice, I knew it would have a little kick but after a while the sauce got to me not because of the kick but the sweetness of it, I believe it tried to be sweet n sour with a twist but hmm didn’t work out. Susan well she had king prawn with cashew nuts – perfect it was as well, muched a prawn – well she tried the Kong Po, we shared a dish of fried rice which was enough… I had had a long week and after the meal just felt like 40 winks but I thought that impolite, and besides the bowling was booked 😀
So we went bowling, good enough place and busy to boot but hmm they could do with a little tech update, Im kinda spoiled as I got a very good bowling place with full touch screen technology and per player bumper settings (well I play against nephew) so having to go back to what looked to me arcanic was interesting. I will say is the Screens could do with being replace and the consoles as well to make it easier.
Oh and a few newer bowling balls as well they looked a little war worn – damn im spoiled ain’t I. It was a good night and well much fun was had and overall and I’ve no Idea why or how I lost 2-1 and lost overall by something like 2 points, too many gutterballs I guess – I saw a few adults “cheating” as in they had the bumpers up (they are up or down for all)..
We did consider winding her parents up but thought better of it 😛

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