Blog Fodder – "Give an example of a meal that makes you happy."

Hmm an interesting topic this week for Mar at Maremagnum. Well here goes it’s a tricky one – well not really..

I think it’s not the actual food that’s there it’s the company too.
So I mean I could say my own recipe pasta carbonara makes me happy and it does, reminds me of good times at uni (although I don’t wanna remember some of the crap there), reminds me of a certain valentine’s day with my now ex…
I like a good meal out, had a nice chinese last friday but I think I’ll make a proper post about that now that I think about it. I had the sesemed prawns on toast as they called it followed by Kong Po Chicken with a side oreder of fried rice 😀 delicious.
Another one is well indian in origin, onion bajhi to start with and a nice chicken tikka masala or something not to firey anyways..

I think Im done now, see give me good food and your pretty well garenteed to have a happy Gopher 😀

On a sidenote no idea how but well sometimes mother who is a good cook honest, serves me something and I wonder do I eat this or resole my shoes with it…

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