Blog Fodder – "Which is worse? Poor manners or poor grammar? Why?"

This weeks topic brought to you by “Suzanne“, it is an interesting topic I must say.

Which is worse? Poor manners or poor grammar? Why?

I’d have to say poor manners as normally this is vocal or visual and is instant for example someone bumping into you and not saying sorry and the like, not on at all in my book. In saying that I was brought up to be polite, trust me I had no option, I do love my dear darling sister as she did drag me up by the shoelaces although not literally.
Poor grammar well it all really depends on how bad it is and in what context the piece of writing is for.
I know I probably sometimes don’t make gramattical sense sometimes but I do try and contruct sentence correctly, spell things correctly and so forth. I do probably over use certain punctuation marks, well I mean sometimes you just have to!!!!!!!!!!!!
See what I mean but if it’s any type of formal letter IF it were to land on my desk at work,rare as I really don’t get mail at work, or I’m shown a letter addressed to say the boss and read it and If they were looking for a job I don’t know if I’d hire ’em or not, mind you I’ve seen some very professional looking CV’s but “fresh coat of paint to hide the cracks” anyone.
I’d say both are equally worse but Poor manners just tips it as I do HATE people with bad / poor manners after all it takes nothing to be polite does it now.

That is all..

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2 Responses to Blog Fodder – "Which is worse? Poor manners or poor grammar? Why?"

  1. Melonie says:

    I pick poor manners every time

  2. craziequeen says:

    I’m with you on manners……🙂Mine is up!cq

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