Blog Fodder – "If you could go back in time and choose your career, what would it be?"

Well quite an interesting question this week from Heather. Mind you heather sometimes does write thought provoking entries, now on to the question.

If you could go back in time and choose your career, what would it be?

This be a tough one for me as well I honestly don’t know what it would be. I’d probably go back and smack myself around the head a few times but then again IF I did that I probably wouldn’t be “here” and thus would probably not have the wonderous array of “friends” I have now. I use the quotes as most if not all who have read this blog I’ve never met in person and well e-mail ain’t the same, okay phone calls are different I will give you that it does allow you to connect on a more personal level, as it adds a depth and colour (color) that are kinda hard to convey in a e-mail even if you use italics or bold text and colored text or all 3 however this doesn’t answer the initial question does it.
What would I choose to be….
I am the geek type – I love computers have done for many years so I’d probably have taken that career path, maybe gotten my head around programming or something. I do love problem solving so may have ended up in some R&D department or as Tech support (the real kind not the “Tech Support” some provide can we say “script driven”,”in the box” and “blinkered” yes we can).

I probably be boring as well, well maybe. Who knows? Where I am I’m happy enough honest. I think it’s due to the fact I’ve sat on my rear end and did just enough that’s why Im the way I am, path of least resistance..

So to sign this post off, Career change probably software design or something like that but in truth not really how else would I have met.
Moogie then Sharon, Melonie, Wahwer…., Heather and the myriad of other people I know through blogger and “Computers Lobby:1” from the Chat at “” and my friends who have actually met me in real life (poor them).

That is All…
More Next Time, Same Place, Same Nutcase.

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