Dating Anyone?

Okay that’s a pretty what’s the word, I had in my head but a moment ago, got it, what a fairly unambiguous post title / question.
Now for those well versed in the blog that is this one you will know or perhaps not that well Im just not that lucky, for those that are new to here, have a quick dive through the archives – here is the most current ref there are other earlier ones..
I just don’t have the luck when it comes to asking girls out, I ask I get blown off.
The ONE and ONLY girlfriend in the proper sense of the word ask me out – well not so much asked as confessed in a letter that she loved me.. after telling her “good” friend and her good friend blabbing to her boyfriend in a call I was able to overhear the friend saying that she was stupid.. Long story – 3yrs some good times and then 1 big screw up on my part that I never fixed.. End of.
I think I’ll just stick to be a “male friend” to any girl I get to know / know currently safer on all counts.
My good friend and colleague has joined her local dating agency – a brave move one which of course has seen her riddiculed by the boss, me I just said good luck :), I am going to tell her soon she’s brave, braver than me. I tried that but hmm as normal it came out wrong but I was able to make a good enough recovery.
Now to the whole point of this post well it’s mentioned above and in all honesty who the hell would wanna go out with a pain in the neck guy, who all he does is gets up for work, comes home and sits on his pc and sleeps, rarely goes anywhere, rarely phones what little friends he has and generally can’t be BOTHERED with anything and takes the easy way out if at all possible or the path of least resistance.
Hmm yup sums me up real nice that does.
And NO this isn’t a Dating AD / post / whatever it’s the truth.

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