Blog Fodder – "Name a sensory input(s) which trigger a mood change…"

Hmm I said I would post on this topic, tricky one but a good one from
Rob, over at My Bloddy Great Nutshell.
So he poses the question.

“Name a sensory input(s) which trigger a mood change be it uplifting, depressing, poignancy or remind you of a past event or period in time. Examples – the smell of an aftershave or perfume, a song, a baby crying, the sound of a vegas slot machine, the feel of clean sheets, the taste of a childhood drink.”

A good question, a tricky one I’ve been thinking on and off about this one all week I mean what music Im listening to does tend to modify slightly the kinda mood im in.
Silence is great as well, just listening to nature brings back walks I had many years ago that hmm I don’t do now, im still me just a little bit quieter, a little more hidden, although people that know me will claim that’s not true, personal armor sorts that out.
There are a few songs and the smell of one particular brand of aftershave that invoke memories of happier times with my now ex-girlfriend. I wear my heart on my sleeve or so someone told me that and I was once told I should be a care worker or something – IM not that hard..
Time to go find Pachabel’s Canon in D and relax it’s been an interesting week.
Question answered hmm maybe but it’s random just like me.

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