Blog Fodder – "How does one handle work, home and family (or a combination thereof) without having a nervous breakdown?"

Hmm this topic brought to us by my delightful and camera shy friend Melonie, oh Laura you can tell her I said that :P.

“How does one handle work, home and family (or a combination thereof) without having a nervous breakdown?”
Im probably the least qualified to answer this as well family – nephew, sisters, parents, “home” hmm let’s not go there, work .
How do I handle all this without going into meltdown, truth is I don’t sometimes I just go “off on one” – let rip, blow of some steam.
My life consists of the following: Monday – Friday: Up at 6:30, out the door at 7, get to work around 7:45, work till around 4, sometimes longer if required, get home around 4:30-5 or later depending on what I’ve got to do after work.
Saturday / Sunday – I just wanna do nothing, truth be told I just Can’t Be Arsed(CBA) doing anything after work / at the weekends.
Nephew some how drag some life and energy out of me when he sees me.
Im going to lay out this logic to show you what I do and I will explain it a little.
If (!at work && !seeing nephew && !out someplace) then location=at pc.
so there we have it, I have no life, only work, my nephew and the occational escape, you can normally of an evening find me sitting at my pc doing something.
I don’t do the “social” thing unless I have to, I like to breathe, Moogie, anyone any tips on how to stop someone who’s been smoking for > 50 yrs. Let’s just say Me on a bad day x 3 and that’s my dear father on a good day!
Nervous Breakdown, I doubt I’d know one if it hit me in the face to be honest.
I just get on with it as I’ve been doing for long enough.
Like I said I do blow off steam sometimes. I did this in what can only describe as a spectacular manner on saturday.
Now as many people know I play “world of warcraft” aka “WoW” now there is an expansion out for it, that went live last tuesday at midnight, 2 new races, a whole new area to go to, new quests, you can now get to lvl 70 instead of 60, etc.
Now I don’t have this expansion – don’t see the point, current char is a lvl 40 odd rogue. I however was seeing “new race” players with levels higher than me, so to cut a long story short, I basically went and said “there are people who are higher level than me, it only went live on tuesday they are ‘NO LIFERS'” and then went on a rant as someone else just ticked me off. For my wonderous effort I got “booted” out the guild by my now former friend, who I’ve played various different computer games with for a good few years, and to top it all those who had the expansion were getting all the help they needed, I asked and never really got a response! Oh and my former friend and the my Former Guild master now has me on ignore. I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO FINISH what I was saying!!!! So Im having a night off tonight, although my new guildmates might wonder where i am.
Im off to watch the crap Hollywood remake of “War of The Worlds” + some other stuff

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