How well do people really know me..

This is a shameless re-write of a post by Heather.
I’ve been thinking about this one, how well do people really know me and this includes my family. I think there are very few people out there who really know me, most of them are in the UK, with a small number of people scattered around the globe that know me in varying degrees. I mean if I think about it I know people or Im related to to people from all corners of the globe. Now to the crux of this post or rather the question.
The question is: “How would YOU finish this sentence: If you really knew me, you would know….
Now I’m not exactly sure how anyone would answer this as I’m terribly slack with the e-mail I do get around to sending e-mails out, and replying to ones sent to me some get answered quicker than others but it’s not by virtue of who sent it, it’s often what the e-mail is about. Feel free to puruse the archieves if you wish, to perhaps get an better insight to me. Leave a comment if you wish I suppose it’s just me asking you to tell me what you think of me, I’m not being vain or anything like that. Oh and you don’t need to “fudge” the answer in order to spare my feelings, I can take it…
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