Merry Christmas

Well Guys Merry Christmas to one and all, I’ve got a “christmas day” off, as well as this weekend so no major plans – well actually will be glad to get back to 8hrs of chaotic nothingness, the rest of the office day staff get till the 3rd off but not me, doesn’t bother me I get christmas day off – does me..
Like I said I’ll be glad to get back to work, why – well Saturday looking after the nephew in the morning so no nice long lie in bed which I could do with..
Late Sunday I have to sneak up and set up his new PC, and well monday I’ll be there for good while as Im having christmas dinner there, no parents to drive me INSANE either! It’s sometimes good to have sister not talking fully to parents…

Have a Good one đŸ™‚ I’ll catch you after christmas

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