I’ll be glad when it’s all over….

I will be glad when dec 26th rolls around, it will mean it’s all over for another year!
It’s not that I don’t like christmas I do, I love it up to a point, just the endless buying of presents and the wrapping of them and the wondering is this the right gift etc… Basically between work and thinking of / buying of presents, and other things I’ve not really had time to blog (apart from the Blog Fodder of course). I’m also hoping that the 7 people I sent christmas cards to got them okay, I know I sent them in enough time just wondering if Darkish Gold Envelopes and a thin(ish) black pen to write the address was a good idea! I saw that cards and went those are really nice, didn’t think of the envelopes till after. Never mind there is always next year.
The time of this post is spot on, it is 1:30am, Sunday Morning, Im awake (well awake enough) so therefore I blog..
Things to do: Wrap presents TODAY!

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