Blog Fodder – "Do you have any memories of a childhood illness?"

Hmm I do, kinda have hazy memories of being ill as kid..
I had to be real ill to be able to stay off school..
I mean little cough or the cold, Off to school I had to go..
Only 2 times I can think of I was off school.
1 was when hmm I’d have to be 7-8 I got the chicken pox, Im sure those who have had that can remember it’s not very nice. I felt crappy all the time, I did manage to get to snuggle up under a duvet on the couch, head on pillow next to nice warm fire most of the day, only moving when I had to..
The other time I’d be in high school and well I was an IDIOT, I got off the school bus, walked in front as I knew he wouldn’t move, quickly checked both ways then ran, hmm poor guy had pulled out from behind the bus, real slowly (ain’t the same school bus rules as you have in the US) he hit me, I went flying (which I don’t remember) about oh 25 yrds.. basically from where the bus stop was on one side to where it was on the other.. I came round it hurt like freaking HELL!
I did get a nice trip in the Ambulence to the local hospital to check it out. It hurt too much – it wasn’t broken just bruised – guess Im made of tough stuff.
I was off school for 2 weeks, hmm doing certain things for the 1st few days was interesting.. I was excused from PE (gym) class for a further month I think, one of the teachers was head of department and I had told him and he’d said no gym for a month (I think)other teacher gave me a punishment exercise for forgetting my kit – it was revoked quick enough and it didn’t happen again..
Oh and I was more careful getting off the bus from then on..
Yeah I had a cruel mom that made me go to school even if I felt miserable – maybe a few days here and there when feeling sick but not many..

There all done now…

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