Blog Fodder – "Tell us about somebody who has changed your life, even if just a little bit."

Hmm well this is the Blog Fodder Topic this week.
After some careful thought, I’d have to say my two older sisters have changed my life for sure, I may not have always been nice to them but they knew it was just me being a typical little brother otherwise known as being a pain in the hiney. I suppose it’s really the younger of the two that changed my life the most, she was the one I’d turned to for help and advice, not my parents for some reason which is buried deep in my psyche and in unlikely to become anymore forthcoming. Now I get asked for help, okay it’s only help with the computer stuff but it’s help.. I do have a few friends that have changed my life, there is a post I did recently about a time in my life I’d love to be able to forget, as for without the friends I had then, many of whom I staying semi-regular contact with I probably wouldn’t be writting this entry. If I was to name one of them it would have to be Stu, who I got to know really well and we kinda saved each other, now he’s moved to Norway with his wife of many years oh could I tell you a tale about those two but I won’t. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gained new friends both through the internet itself and more recently this place i.e the blogsphere. I suppose even the creator of the “blog fodder” should be included in my list as well she did introduce me to so many other people on here.
I’ll let someone read this and go red at the though 😉
I don’t think I can really write anymore than that, I don’t need to go into detail as well it’s hard to pin-point most of the “change” stuff I suppose.

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