Blog Fodder – "What are some of your memorable experiences at school?"

Hmm well I thought on this and initially I couldn’t think of any as well I was the quiet one, you know the type I mean. They sat in class go on with their work, had a few friends they hung about with but not much more at primary (junior) school. They didn’t really take part in stuff and generally got picked semiantly last when their was a team picking event (they did generally give their all for the team though). On to high school (whatever the US equivlent is I don’t know), much the same, maybe different friends, didn’t go in for any of the school events etc, very quiet did the work required of them, just go on with it didn’t mess about (often ending up a “teacher pet” or “class swot” tag :-S). You get the picture
Well there were a few now that I come to think of it although maybe not.
The First one, I do remember doing was the Royal Botanical Gardens in Glasgow and a victorian house museum the exact name escapes me given this was 20+ years ago are you surprised, got pictures and everything somewhere (of me and some classmates and the actually gardens). I won’t say much more as well hmm as remember how your always told to go before ya leave, hey I couldn’t I did try and well hmm I dont’ think I need say any more Im erm erm never mind….
One of the few school trips I ever did, seriously there generally one arranged for 2 weeks away for like Primary 6-7 (10-11yr olds) but i never did go on it.
Another trip I do remember was one to another museum, this time down in the borders, absolutly lovely, I’d be oh 16 by this point, so say 6-7 years had passed since last trip and well I go up that day I did plan on wearing something that wasn’t school uniform but I don’t know I think I hit the auto pilot and well got stuck all day in the uniform, embarressing in another way but then we went to Fat Sam’s Restruant in Edinburgh for a meal then back to the school that was fun for sure.. See 2 totally divergent one’s
Hmm a third could be a letter that was written as part of a school project when I would have been 13, we each had to pick someone, or some organisation and write to them with a valid question. I know one person wrote to NASA about something and got a whole load of info back, so I hear you ask who did you write to and what was the question. I wrote to the Queen about her corgi’s (for some reason – reason escapes me I think erm maybe It was slipped to me). i got a very nice letter back and given my mothers penchant for keeping some things I believe it’s probably still around somewhere, it wasn’t from the Queen personally but one of her Ladies in Waiting, quiet a nice letter about the fact it’s not just corgi’s but dorgi’s (a daushound / corgi cross) she has as well (or had)..
Okay that’s enough “experiences” I think.. Actually that’s probably them all.

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