Time to get brain in gear….

Hmm it’s that time of year again, it’s close to that particular day well only X number of shopping days left till then, now I need to get started. I’ve got some figured out I don’t do many thankfully but other I’ve got to figure out..
Im also going to see Casino Royale on friday with a friend okay I’m paying (given what happened last time when well I had a blonde moment and totally forgot – dang sometimes Im really freaking thick oh well)..
I really should e-mail some people, you know who you are and yes I am thinking of you guys even if I don’t write / e-mail / phone ever other week.. I’d say day but that sounds way too “over the top”.
So I’m here, just about work is keeping me occupied and well when not occupied by work I just wanna do nothing thus my lathargical approach to some things, feel free to browse my back catalogue of entries and maybe comment on them or even comment here about them (with references so it’s easier for all 😉 )

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