re: "emotionally fragile"

Hmm well i posted that the other day and I suppose I am,it’s kinda hard to explain but I’ll try to. I don’t need anyone to beat me up I pretty well on my own. For example I’ve been beating myself about the head because I screwed up when I swapped hardware out a week past saturday and the Power Supply went or appeared to, having it checked over still. So i had to reinstall windows but i was cracking up at having to forced into reinstalled because the “smart” O/S that is XP can’t handle massive hardware changes only little ones. Im not gonna fire up my Network Attached Storage(NAS) device im gonna get someone else to do that as it’s doing my head in, it won’t see the almost 500gb over the 2 Hard disks that are in it as drives…
I do sometimes wake up and wonder if it’s worth it any more. I was all for quiting the net totally – I was gonna make one last parting post on here and then just leave..
I couldn’t so I left it, someone said something that made me think and it then struck me today they were right. Who was that person well it was “shyandquiet” although she is neither.. I got the big hard assed mental slap I required. Thank you shy 🙂

Chemically imbalanced and other things


P.S. I wasn’t gonna mention it but I got some artwork from this lady and it’s great was going to be a birthday present but I don’t know now, i don’t know if I’ll be able to find a frame to do it justice in time but I’ll try if not it’s 1 christmas gift for a sister in a million.. ** Hugs Sharon ** Thank you.

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