Hey y’all Im back

I’ve been quietly catching up on some peoples posts i still got catching up to do. Im doing okay.
Heather the last post i read of yours made me think real hard. What cna I say the best way to describe me is “Emotionally Fragile” Im serious, I may look dead tough and mean, I may look like I’m meaner than a junkyard dog to borrow a phrase a good friend of mine uses shy but that she isn’t once she knows you :)..
I found out today that okay it’s a big state but It’s a small world I know 4 people in WV now, the 4th is my good friend Patrick aka Tmbr Wolf I’ve known him a good while and didn’t know this till know and well I think I can safely say I’ve chatted with him for 5-6 yrs. Go visit and swing by shy’s pages they’ll both appreciate the visit. I won’t say which county in WV he’s in but it’s in the south.
So dear friends who are few and far between I think I’ll sign off now.
Take care and catch ya later.


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