Just not My day :(

Here I am it’s like 2am Sunday morning and Im writing a blog post..
Now not the post I’d been musing about yesterday after I read something that may appear at a later date once I remember exact what it was, it’s been a long week!
I am not however on my now PC, Im on my backup PC (god bless backups) Okay I have more than 1 PC but I have MY PC and 3 others, if you get my drift… Someone I know from Free-DC was kind enough while doing a “spring” clean to send me some of his older parts (IF only I’d know I’d never have gotten that new mobo / memory – but I can still use that :D). My car was due it’s Annual Checkup (Read MOT for those in the UK) and well I figured a few minor points a bit of welding here and there but not quite just that, one of my front spring is going so it’s booked in for next weekend to get sorted.. To go cheer myself up I go to a mates and see if he’s in, and have a coffee or 4 😛 I end up with a DVD writer, some blank DVD discs and a Virtually Silent PSU – which doth not fit in the case style I have :-S. I get back and proceed in an orderly fashion to shutdown my nice machine, take out the mainboard and replace it with one that had just been shipped to me complete with memory and CPU + HS/ Fan to match.. I boot it up windows XP goes “NO!” and reboots, I get the “safe mode options list” I choose one, it does the same and just sits at same place..
Time for XP Install CD… I get that out and try and get it up and running – alas nope I do manage to repair XP and try that no luck what so ever.. I think sod it replace it with old kit that I know worked with that Install of XP..
Well erm “no”, “NO” and double “NO!”, it boots up, coughs almost and reboots, I TRY to go back into windows CD at which point the machine switches OFF with out warning, no obvious reason why it shouldn’t fire back up, no joy at all as you can probably imagine even although I know my stuff Im at the “mild PANIC” stage, thinking the worst – no life from system means either a) The CPU has expired (NO please don’t let it be that not my faithful XP2600) or b) The Power Supply has gone , thankfully it was b) this is the point I discover that the new Silent PSU I got don’t fit so I had to go borrow one from the same mate and I handed him the old one to see if he could repair it possibly. I get one it’s a smaller capacity but it will do, I power up.. No Primary Hard Disc, the one with windows and all my applications and erm GAMES on.. I switch off, unplug a few things make sure it’s bare minimum plugged in to get it running nope same thing.. The Drive hath died or ain’t wanna play ball..
I’ve managed to get it “running” but well we’ll see how long, copying as much as I can to other places, til i can get another drive to replace.
Wish me LUCK, I think I need some.

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