Anyone tell me what day it is?

I only ask as well im not really sure myself. Why may you ask well lets look at the facts:
Monday & yesterday I worked 4pm to midnight, today I worked 8am to 4pm now you do the math – 24hrs within the 48hour period (4pm to 4pm) I’ve been at work, go me..
To say I’m a little fuzzy would not entirely be too far off the mark.. I really Love covering other peoples shifts even if it is only so that my nice averaged out wage that was calculated on a week that is 2 1/2 more than Im doing now, you do the math it’s not much but they company has to either a) recalc my average and rejig my pay cheque to match it or b) I do the extra hours to cover which I’d probably have to do anyway..
Roll on NEXT April when they are recalc’d – okay maybe less money but i won’t be doing silly sh-tuff mind you I hope they won’t need to recalc it down I may get a payrise depends on what work the company gets in as a whole…
The joy of it all…
Another thing is Im kinda glad I decided not to do the “autopilot” home trick as I’d proabably have had to pick bits of fox and rabbit out my bumper and other places (yuck!), oh I know my car has good brakes I was able to avoid both.. I was kinda wired so you can probably imagine the number of hours of sleep I got between approx 1am and 6:30am..
Roll on the weekend so I can get some rest, I hope!

Listening to: Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway – I Hate Myself For Losing You , Keane – Everybody’s Changing Winamp 5.09 Random picks..

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