Where do we go from here…..

Well the day I never thought I’d actually see has well happened…
Think back 2 1/2 years – I’ve posted about the “event” a few times but well the thing I never though would happen has indeed happened.
My parents got to see my nephew today, under a strict set of rules mind you which will be relaxed once my sister feels she can trust them again..
So any time they want to see connor is fine, as long as they 1) phone to make sure it’s okay and 2) it’s at her house until further notice. These rules are non-negotional..
Nephew didn’t quite know what to do as well like last time they were all in same room was other sister’s silver wedding anniversary and well it was like “not allowed”.
I had an inkling this was happening when I got a call from my sister saying hang on I didn’t mean to phone you, what’s my other sisters number to which I said I don’t know I’d need to check my phone which I was talking on at the time she went okay I’ll just check mine.. I did think weird but I knew she’d been thinking about this and thought hang on why would hmm no and put it at back of mind.
Roll forward about 20-25 minutes other sister calls me saying parents might be a bit upset when I get home as they are getting to see nephew I went okay thanks for the warning..
Queue around 3:45 – sister calls me saying that all had went well, nephew was a bit strange, mother kept I don’t know exactly how to describe it but “wringing her hands” I don’t know how else to say that, dad kept giving sister strange looks.
Now both sisters in same room, my older sister is normally the quiet one was busy chatting away to cover the silence as mother didn’t quite know what to say, a first not really..
My parents are downstairs at the moment “recovering”. Who knows what will be next but OH boy are they in for a shook when he does eventually come down here and Im not in…. They won’t be able to keep up…
I think that pretty much covers it can’t think of anything else apart from hmm erm hmm interesting…..

G Dawg

Listening to: Buffy the Musical – Where do we go from here, My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade Winamp 5.09 Random picks..

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