Anyone see where the last week has gone?

Wow what a week I’ve had I know this is tuesday but between now and the last post it’s been some week. Working hard at work which is good, what I don’t like is when I find out I may as well have beaten my head off the proverbial brick wall as the bit of kit that’s meant to work doesn’t, gotta love it when people say oh well it’s been back to the supplier 4 times and is still playing up! Thank god we had a unit on loan that we could put in place to get everything back up and running again until we get the other unit BACK from the supplier FULLY WORKING! I have been various other places as well just.
Now what can I say about saturday but erm can we go back to that one and START AGAIN!
Im not saying it was a particularly BAD day but having gotten up at 6:30 all week It would have been nice to get a longer lie in bed other than an extra Hour! I had my nephew to take to football and well I will only say this about it they lost 5 or was it 6 – 1 when the week before they won 3-0 they did play the match later than normal but that should have worked more in their favour it didn’t of course my nephew started to lose it big time after they managed to put 3 past him and I couldn’t go over and calm him down (see post about previous match darn ****ing asshat coach!) He calmed down in 2nd half but well erm half asleep is all I will say to most of the team. I looked forward to meeting up with my mate stu for a chinwag again, while he dropped of my new toy – Me got me some Network Storage now, think small box with Drives in it that attached to the network and thats it..
I then was informed did I remember I was helping pick up my other sister from the air port (and what time was the flight) I thought it was today but no SATURDAY! BANG went the plans I had of going to Racewall as well my father may as well wear shades at night, he’d probably see better!
Sunday was just crash and recover day so zippo got done.
Monday was a holiday at work so I was able to just pretty much relax, catch up on stuff, read the paper fully etc..
Today has been fun too, just HOPE when I go in tomorrow Morning that there are a few e-mails waiting for me with PRICES on them from companies I’ve asked to send me a QUOTE on stuff for if not me not gonna be a happy bunny!

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