Come on You Reds……..

Well my nephew’s under 9’s team does play in red :>.
What can I say a solid 3-0 victory over a team who’s coach well I’ve not met him (thank god) but he’s a bit of an ass. I was meant to go and cheer him on but read previous post no way, tired slept till about noon (I know some people wish they could sleep till then) and I felt like crap – darn cold. So I went along today to swift kick the pc and other electronic equipment.. I got told the full game :D. Nephew in goal 1st half – saved everything, out in the 2nd half and his replacement in goals did the same. Connor did manage to score a goal even. A few moments of contravercy, the “coach” said something was a free kick on the edge of the box, when everyone else knew it was a penelty which the other stricker took and scored with. Now to let you in on the “asshat” coach’s attitude: He didn’t like when someone stood behind the goals to encourage the keeper (read give pointers also) so it was all on the sidelines, being “quieter” than normal, ya right as freaking IF, now I mean there are only 7 or 8 in the team so maybe 10 or 11 parents and others there – more noise than normal.. Other coach could say nothing 😀 Rep from Soccer 7’s was there (they kind do the rules for these things). There was 1 nasty incident funnily enough involving nephew, they had gotten a free kick near our goals so all team was back, the “wall” was set up, so they could directly score, a few players far enough away from the wall to maybe score if they got the ball. Now back to the act, an act if carried out in a normal match would have seen the player red carded, the opposition captian elbowed (quite deliberatly from all descriptions) connor, who of course went down, now normally sister would have went over to make sure but because of the asshat, had to stay put. He was fine, the captain was hauled off in disgrace – ha ha and the free kick well they didn’t score from it, don’t think they got close 😀 All in all a good game and well it was a case of “total silence” from the asshat he couldn’t say a word. What can I say 2nd game on the trot they’ve won, they won 4-2 last week against another team that had previously beaten them. The Last match is next week and Im gonna have to juggle that with other stuff happening next saturday namely a mate who I’ve not seen in a while coming up for one last visit before heading off to Norway to work and stay.

G Dawg

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