Well Im relaxing…

Hey guys, i do feel more relaxed, I do honestly, heck im even looking forward to looking after nephew which I do enjoy but if i’ve been working I just wanna crash and not be bothered by anyone till like NOON…
I now know this is not good for me, why I hear ya ask well I figured this all out myself Im so proud of myself…
I’ve been sleeping long hours for me this is like more than say 6hrs and been waking up with a headache like i’ve been drinking the night before now sometimes I had and put it down to that, it goes away after some tea / coffee with milk n sugar sorry gotta sweet tooth.. So Im trying to keep myself hydrated enough so I don’t feel like **** in the morning which I’ve manage even if I was up till 3-4am and get up at like 10…
I treated myself tonight as well to a movie, of my choice at the cinema, my mate and his girlfriend (she who is obeyed :P) went to go see “You, Me and Duprey” tonight so I thought about it looked up what was showing locally, saw that film looked it up and well went no, not for me tonight, I went to see “Crank” all I will say is it’s a totaly andrenalin junkie rush type film in more ways than one..

Oh while Im on the subject you may notice a few new links below the main kids link which has now been fixed so that that clicks are added to my running total, they were counted before so your clicks haven’t been wasted 🙂


G Dawg

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