I’m done…

Im now on holiday for 2 weeks… harrah…. can ya tell im excited, not really i tired, can’t be bothered doing anything and probably won’t no cash which of course sucks.
I’d have prefered an easier past few days at work but fat fooking chance, my colleague who I covered for the 2 weeks previous to this one announced on monday that he was leaving for another job, not too bad, unless you consider during the 2 weeks he was off 2 of the night/weekend controllers left as well as the driver who went around checking remote sites, we knew he was going, figured the other 2 – they left without so much as a bye, or good luck. The new driver we got lasted 10 days 😐 not really a hard job, check 5 places, lock up the main office, set the alarm, unset in the morning and open up..
So last week I was busy showing / training as best as I could the 2 new starts, we had a 3 man nightshift team that works 7 nights + 2 weekend shifts between them.
Of course with my colleague being off didn’t have access to the material he handed out which meant EVERY PROCEDURE that is carried out in the control room had to be written out and then checked and reworded to LOW IQ level or there about which PISSED me off a TAD. I mean I could just write 1 procedure to cover all the sites, that could be handed to them, site numbers are all in a folder… NO HELL FUCKING NO! I had to write: One for Intruder / Vehicle on a site, One for a fire on a site, duplicate because we have working / non-working (mothballed) remote sites, get all the site number, all the managers names & number. How the barrier is worked the PHONE numbers of Both the RT (which are speed dials on the phone in front of them). EVERY MINUTE FUCKING DETAIL had to be written down and logged..
I mean Im not the freaking supervisor but I HAD to do it, my colleague was that and he done a little.
Oh this was on top over all the other work I had to do as well like :
Test bits of kit, wire stuff up, figure stuff out, drop kick a customers alarm panel so that it would set properly without a long winded way of setting it..
I was meant to go today and program another alarm panel for the same customer on a different site but that went out the WINDOW cos of these PROCEDURES, it’s all PROCEDURES, PROCEDURES, PROCEDURES with someone and it’s to be done HER WAY! no matter how well it worked before.
I was gonna do another post about me but Im just a neurotic fuck up, maybe my mother should have listened to the doctor at the time and got rid of me..

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