Re: Happy Friendship Day

Thank you to all those who sent me e-cards or left comments on the post 🙂
I would have thanked you sooner but to be honest I’ve been too tired to post.
Okay hold it right there, I have a good reason for it, called working 12hrs and having to get up at 5:30am and not getting home till around 8pm and having to filter and report all the spam I’ve been getting (see previous rantpost about that).
I mean I’ve even neglected my FAVOURITE online game – World of Warcraft…
So I am here honest, I’ve been leaving comment here and there.
Now it’s just me and something nice and Ice cold from the mini-fridge…
I got the weekend to recover before I do it all again next week, the joys of having a covering a colleague.

<< New Message board – the old one is in the process of being made Vapourware.

G Dawg

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