Warning! Warning! Warning!

This is a general announcement, in case I haven’t made this before..
Some Stupid Mother FUCKING ASSHOLE SCRIPT PRICK is SPAMMING e-mail using random names but MY EXACT E-mail address, not my Hotmail / yahoo / AIM one but private (well ISP based) e-mail address, also notice a small variation same name but with a “d” on the end, if you follow.
So if you recieve an e-mail proclaiming to be from me that doesn’t use my actual full name in it then Trash it, do not click on any links just trash – don’t report it as spam other wise ligit e-mail from me won’t get through 😦 I may try and see if I can use a similar but alternate name before the @ in the address line will still have my full name in it.
The only reason I say this is well lets just say i’ve bounce a few in the over the last couple of weeks but today I come home for work (after 12hrs of being there) and mailwasher states 64 email – 54 were trash… about half were from my exact email address or the varient mentioned above..
To the MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE SPAM SCRIPT PRICK – I hope your balls drop soon or better yet drop off..

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