So Long Great Aunt…

Well here’s a post I had hoped not to have to write for a few more years but everything must come to an end at some point..
I only ever actually met her once, when her and her husband came over from the US for a visit, I’d be about 12, so just a few years ago now. My parents did go over to see them about 9 yrs ago, I didn’t go as well stuff needed to be done around and well just wasn’t fesable for me to go too.
I can remember when ever she phoned, it was like she’d never left scotland even although she’d been in the US for more years than I’ve been here. Never once did she lose that unique accent, the broad scots tounge.. She did keep going the longest though I mean 97 ain’t no mean feat is it now..
Mind you I wouldn’t have tangled with her as she spoke her mind, makes me laugh at some of the things she said towards the end in the nursing home she had to go into since she couldn’t look after herself, went a bit blind, so the put a TV in her room,
“Wit dae I need a TV fur, I cannae see it!”, roughly her exact words. Thankfully she died peacefully in her sleep, got the call yesterday morning at about 7:45 our time, so you can imagine what time it was in MA. I got to know when I got home from work. I was going to publish something last night but I couldn’t think of what to write I still can’t.
At least her and Great Uncle Don are together again..
Only one thing to do know bring her home :), her daughter is going to fly over with the urn at some point..
So long Auntie Eff, sorry Uncle Don, your peace is shattered again, I can just hear them laugh now, just thinking about that..

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