ah the joys of summer

Well what can I say, been absolutly glorious weather in my part of the world, actually sun for like of the day temprtures in the high 50’s / low 60F at least.
Only down point, I’ve been inside working, well that’s not strictly true, i wasn’t at the weekend.
Saturday Morning: Up nice and early, because it’s that monthly ritual that is taking my nephew to football, the team has vastly improved since last time. I say that because last time, they didn’t move about they just like stood there, now they are moving around a lot more making the passes etc, now if they’d only listen and PASS the ball to ma nephew when he’s in clear space and ASKING for the ball they might score more than 1 goal in a game. Oh for those interested it was 4-1 to the other team in the end. 2 each half, nephew was in goals first half and save a good number, one was a really good save the sort of save you’ll have seen at the world cup (he just got his fingers to it to tip it over the bar 🙂 ). Second half he got let lose up front. I got to my sisters about 8:30 am and I left at like 7pm was a fun day, i did get some sun and yeah i did watch some football.
I have a puzzle for you to see if you can work it out because I’m having trouble with it.
Sunday : Lazy day since well i’m on the early shift this week so 5:30am starts, played world of warcraft a lot finally got an item i’d been after, a new staff that has way better stats on it that the one I had, had to do a few runs of the same place to get it as it only “drops” from the boss at the end of one particular dungeon and i had to do it again as some stupid priest rolled need on it with me even although they KNEW (or should have done) that, that was the whole reason i was there…
Second time I went it was just me and a paladin from the guild – we erm died a few times and everytime we died the whole dungeon reset 😦 kept having to kill the same one’s over and over again, got a priest – same thing happens they rolled need on it, but this time I got it 😀
Monday – Today: Work, attempted to get a wireless network to connect from one house to a flat which is like 40-50 feet away – no problem eh – wrong! didn’t wanna know even with the latest and greatest tech the “Netgear Range Max (WPN824) Wireless Router” and appropriate wireless interface card, it reached to a point but that point wasn’t good enough spent yesterday trying get the thing to connect to a Linksys Repeater which we’d been told would work a treat.. did it heck!
Today – got the thing reconfigured to work with something it states it should work with since it support “Wireless Distribution System” whatever that is, fancy name for something rather annoying 😛
Now it’s still not working but got a lead so hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow if not I’ll erm “swear”..
I think that’s everything…
See I do remember to post now and then 😛
Now as to the puzzle:
Pick up phone – no dial tone / not anything at all or noise.
Use PC to go online via a ADSL modem – connects and works fine, Explain cos Im puzzled!

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