confucius say…

Hmm okay poor me now, confused.
Mind you that’s nothing new, I’ll explain.
Went to see X-men 3 with my colleague from work Susan, had a chinese before it as well.
Good film and a nice relaxing evening, or so I thought…
Now here is what confuses me..
Nothing said at the time when we got back to my car, switch on phone this morning,
get a message to the effect “hope you enjoyed the film, that will be the last time we go to the cinema”
I have an idea why and it’s all to do with “work”. I mean she gets a hard time about when we go out, I get it as well but not as bad. Another reason is maybe our “accounts person” who is also MD’s wife, gotta love family run companies…
She seems to like to pick fault with ANYTHING and it’s never her fault it’s susans or mine since I do check in stuff as it’s delivered – check that the what’s on the note is what’s in the box (I can do no more than that since I don’t got the order notes as someone else does them).
I’m doing my best, doing what I think is wanted of me as fast as is possible, multitasking, attempting to make good time management etc..
I’ll stop there *massages temples to calm self*
Anyone help me out here? Im confused….
Additional for Junebugg / Heather:
No I didn’t pinch her hinnie, what you take me for…
I don’t talk over a movie, i consider it rude.
She only ever wanted me as a friend, I have told her how i felt before, we both agreed to be friends (see a Feburary post i know i did one – i think)
She doesn’t have much self confidence and well all the put downs are finally getting to her I think.
It as if im at the gates of an ancient city, asking to be allowed in, and being denied access.
I hope this clarifies if not re-comment..

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